About Us

Innovators International was incorporated in 1988. Today, the company specializes in the design and sourcing of garden, DIY and household products worldwide.

Innovators International was formed by three visionary partners, who had over 60 years experience in the worldwide DIY and Gardening markets. Having previously managed a publicly quoted leading UK distributor, they understood the effect of distribution costs on prices and customer profitability. Utilising their creative flair and experience they formulated Innovators' unique sales approach – sourcing, design, container delivered, pricing and payment after delivery at unbeatable prices.

The concept proved successful and Innovators International continued to grow throughout the 90's. By listening to its customers and the demands of the marketplace, it has been able to successfully adapt to the needs of today’s fast moving sales environment.

Innovators International pioneered the introduction of mixed containers programmes and currently works with over 90 factories worldwide, all of whom can offer mixed containers.

The sourcing of products throughout the world is a speciality operation. This area has expanded by the use of overseas offices and having people on the ground throughout the Far East.

Innovators International today is on the surface a very different company to the one started 26 years ago but its key objectives remain the same, constantly striving to offer its customers, whether large or small, high quality products.

Registered Office: Unit 406, Centennial Park, Centennial Avenue, Elstree, Herts WD6 3TN
Registered In England No. 2254591



Client Testimonials

"I used to have to ‘pay upfront’ with my previous direct container supplier.”
- Darren Hunter, Leicester

"It’s like having your own warehouse, but in the Far East with the benefit of 100% order fulfilment.”
- Richard Beglan, Belfast

"I’ve seen more new products and discussed more productive ideas in a single hour at your showroom than I did spending two days at the NEC.”
- Nathan Miller, Dorset

"You have been faxing me for years I only wish that I had visited you sooner. “
- Susan Smith, Liverpool

"Estuve muy impresionado con la rapidez con que usted levaste mi asunto. Gracia ”
"I was really impressed with how quickly you dealt with my enquiry. Thank you.”

- Ruben Armesto, Spain

"I never realised how easy it was to fill a container until I found your mixed container programme. ”
- Judy Frost, Lancashire



Innovators Team Members

Nick Joels
E-mail: njoels@innovators-international.co.uk
Tel: + 44 20 8736 2717

Richard Rosen
E-mail: rrosen@innovators-international.co.uk
Tel: + 44 20 8736 2781

Neil Russell
E-mail: nrussell@innovators-international.co.uk
Tel: + 44 20 8736 2783

Peter Stroud
E-mail: pstroud@innovators-international.co.uk
Tel: + 44 20 8736 2785

Brad Tilson
E-mail: btilson@innovators-international.co.uk

Adam Creme
Buying/Sourcing Manager
E-mail: acreme@innovators-international.co.uk
Tel: + 44 20 8736 2711

Alex Dubowitz
E-mail: office01@innovators-international.co.uk

Smita Patel
Financial Controller & Shipping
E-mail: spatel@innovators-international.co.uk
Tel: + 44 20 8736 2722

Sarah Raggatt
E-mail: sraggatt@innovators-international.co.uk
Tel: + 44 20 8736 2729

Customer Service
E-mail: customerservices@innovators-international.co.uk

Deborah Zacks
E-mail: dzacks@innovators-international.co.uk
Tel: + 44 20 8736 2783